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Aquacote Undercoat 1 Lt. Kit


Product Shipping Weight Kg UOM Price per Kit Inc' GST
1.0L  Aquacoat Undercoat 1.43 Kit $48

3-5 sqm per litre per coat.    2 coats = 2 sqm per Litre

Aquacote is BoatCraft Pacific’s range of water based high build epoxy undercoat and polyurethane  top coats .

These highly durable coatings represent the newest technology available, offering leading edge protective coatings which set new standards in ease of use environmental safety



Aquacote coatings require thinning and clean up with water only, and they can be applied safely to damp surfaces. They combine with Bote-Cote epoxy systems to present a complete fairing and protective coating system suitable for surfaces of timber and plywood, fibreglass, metals, and any other porous or semi-porous surfaces requiring long term protection from marine and exterior environments.

Repetitive filling and sanding of rougher surfaces to make them fair and smooth is eliminated with Aquacote High Build Undercoat, an easy sanding, high build epoxy coating. Aquacote Undercoat can be applied to sufficient thickness to enable the surface to be faired and smoothed to a fine professional finish in a simple preparation step.

Aquacote Polyurethane Topcoat is a strong, hard, but flexible polyurethane coating which adheres strongly to most surfaces, and provides similar tough, long lasting protection as solvent type polyurethanes. It is available in a range of colours and in a crystal clear coating containing state of the art UV absorbers for maximum protection of the underlieing surface. Aquacote is water and solvent resistant.

Aquacote coatings should never be applied outdoors if rain or dew will settle within at least 24 hours,



Aquacote water based coatings contain only minimal amounts of co-solvents to enable them to wet the surface and to aid in film formation. Elimination of the solvents in conventional paints results in greater safety for users who are no longer exposed to large amounts of solvent vapours. No solvents also means totally non-flammable.

In contrast to their solvent based counterparts, Aquacote polyurethane topcoats contain no di-isocyanates. The presence of di-isocyanates has resulted in the use of conventional polyurethanes being banned in many locations because of their toxic effects. Aquacote now offers all users the benefits of a polyurethane coating without detrimental health problems. 


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