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purbond 20lt


Description Weight Kg UOM Price inc' GST
20 Lt Purbond 22.5 Bottle $508



Purbond is a moisture curing, 100% solids, polyurethane adhesive. It reacts with surface moisture on

any substrate, especially semiporous materials, which initiates its curing reaction. In the process of this

reaction, Purbond foams and expands slightly, forcing its way into gaps, unevenness, or pores on each

of the mating surfaces, thus enhancing the contact area of the joint. It has high shear strength and is

creep resistant.


Purbond can be used for bonding most materials including timber, plywood, fibre and particle boards,

foamed plastics, concrete, even metals. While a strong bond will be formed to most substrates, it may

not be structural with all materials. The bond is stronger than all timbers softer than pine and oregon,

especially Western Red Cedar, and breaks the timber grain of them. Harder timbers will be bonded with

equal strength, but the glue line may break before the timber. In test pieces we have obtained 100%

wood failure with hard timbers such as Rosewood and Tasmanian Oak.

  •  high adhesive strength
  •  no long term creep in stressed joints
  •  suitable for use on damp surfaces
  •  can be applied direct from the bottle
  •  application is to one surface only, coverage 200 - 250 ml per square metre
  •  100% waterproof, withstands 72 hour boiling water test
  •  sets in 1 - 2 hours, fully cured in 24 hours
  •  invisible in close fitting glue lines
  •  contains no volatile or flammable ingredients
  •  sands easily and does not blunt cutting too
Code Description Weight Kg UOM Price inc' GST
20-0301-20 20L Purbond 22.5 Bottle $450

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