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Cop-R-Boat 6L Kit



Description Shipping weight Kg UOM Coverage Price
Cop-R-Boat  Antifouling  6L Kit 13 DG Kit 60 M2/ L/coat  (30 M 2 coats) $965

Colours Available:  Blue , Black , Red Green , Copper

 Bote-Cote provide a permanent antifouling coating, Cop-R-Bote, a suspension of 70% pure

copper metal in Bote-Cote epoxy. Cop-R-Bote has been designed to reduce the costs of boat

ownership by avoiding the need for frequent repainting of antifouling, as well as to protect the

environment of our waterways



 For centuries copper metal sheathing has been well known as the most effective antifouling

system. Cop-R-Bote builds on this knowledge to enable a copper sheathing to be applied to

any hull other than aluminium - timber, fibreglass, steel, ferrocement. The coating is nonablative,

does not require replacement, improves osmosis resistance in fibreglass hulls, and

improves boat speed because it is permanently very smooth and slick.



 Cop-R-Bote is applied directly over a sanded Bote-Cote surface. On other boats, sand back the

existing surface to provide a good key, then apply one coat of Bote-Cote as a primer. Of

course, all old antifouling must be removed first, as this would leave a weak substrate and

possibly allow the new coating to peel off. Two coats of Cop-R-Bote are required to ensure good

uniform coverage. After it has cured, it is necessary to rub back the surface with fine abrasive

to remove the epoxy film which covers the surface of the copper particles. Therefore the

smoothest applied finish is desirable, and this can best be obtained by spraying Cop-R-Bote

using a pressure pot and high build primer spray gun. Roller or brush application are also




 Depending on water quality, the boat will require light cleaning by sponge or Scotchbrite pad

every few months, to remove the bacterial slime which accumulates on any underwater surface.

If left to accumulate, this slime layer will start to protect the fouling organisms from the toxic

effects of the copper surface.




Cop-R-Bote is a permanent antifouling coating developed by BoatCraft, and proven in use all

around Australia. It contains a suspension of copper particles in a Bote-Cote epoxy system,

which effectively coats the hull in a tough sheath of pure copper metal, known for centuries as

one of the most effective antifouling treatments. Cop-R-Bote is non-ablative and therefore nonpolluting,

and is economical as it avoids the regular recoating required for all conventional

antifoulings. Cop-R-Bote is suitable for application by spray, roller, or brush, and can be used

for all boat hulls other than aluminium or alloy. Periodic maintenance required every few months

is simply brushing down the hull to remove bacterial slime. Cop-R-Bote also helps prevent

osmosis in fibreglass boats, and has been proven to increase boat speed because of its

premanently slick smooth surface. Unlike all conventional antifoulings, Cop-R-Bote has EPA

acceptance for washing down and scrubbing without requiring the washings being removed for

trade waste treatment.

Application Instuctions


Spraying Cop-R-Boat



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