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Feronite RMP 5 Ltr


A high quality quick drying water based ferrous metal primer, suitable

for application directly to rusted surfaces, based on highly protective

vinyl/acrylic copolymer resin.




 8 - 10 m /litre, depending on the severity of the surface rust.


Product Descripton Weight UOM Price Inc' GST Coverage for 1Ltr btl
Feronite Rusty Metal Primer 250ml 1.3kg Bottle $280 8m2 - 10m2




  •  Steel structures
  • Bridges
  • factories
  • piping
  •  building frames
  • window frames
  • wrought iron
  • tank exteriors

 Feronite Rusty Metal Primer is especially suitable for use on partly rusted

galvanised iron, as it does not contain strong acids which can attack the

protective zinc coating which may remain around the rusted areas.


Rusty surface before Feronite RMP Application


Feronite RMP during application


Surface after application of Feronite RMP ready for painting


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