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High Strength Filler Powder 850g


Product Shipping Weight UOM Price per Tub
850g in a 4.0L Bucket High Strength Filler 1.1 kg Tub $67


 A high density glass fibre and spherical particle filler for maximum strength glueing applications such as

catamaran beams, mast steps, bulkheads, load carrying transoms, rudder posts etc. This imparts great

strength, but once it has cured it is very difficult to work. You can put a coat of sanding filler over the

top of it to tidy it up.




Powders are added to liquid Bote-Cote epoxy to thicken it to use it as a gap filling glue, or as a putty for filling

holes and depressions or for filleting. It is also used to make a paste which can be smoothed over an uneven

surface to allow sanding to a truly smooth finish once it hardens. These filling powders make epoxy more useful

by altering its strength, texture, sandability, colour and whether it remains where it is put or runs out of the gaps

before it goes hard.


Many different powders have been mixed with epoxy, often with less than good results. Some are very heavy,

some allow water to wick into the epoxy, some create clouds of health endangering dust and some go soft in the

sunshine allowing the underlying surface to “print through”. If you mix your own you will run into all these

hazards, and every mix is likely to be different to the one before.


Bote-Cote powders are formulated ready for use with bulking agents, thickeners and high strength additives. They

are mixed with liquid Bote-Cote until the desired viscosity is obtained for the task being undertaken. All Bote-

Cote powders consist of non-organic materials only to avoid temperature sensitivity and to prevent wicking of

moisture into the cured epoxy, and can be used with equal safety below the water line or on an exposed deck.

They are formulated with dust suppressants to minimise dust rising and so reduce inhalation by users.


Bote-Cote filler powders are provided in three grades, one for each of the main uses for filler powders in boat

building. All normally have a brown tint added to reduce finished paint colour variability due to imperfect paint

cover and opacity. (White Sanding Filler is also available). All BoatCraft fillers are blended from 6 or more

ingredients. This is to make mixing and wetting the filler powder more efficient, to protect our users health and to

assist our users to get that “ooh ah” finish to their work.


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