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Pour On Gloss 1 Lt.


Product Shipping Weight UOM Coverage * Price per Kit
1 Lt Kit - 500ml Resin : 500ml Hardener 1.2 kg Kit 0.7-1 M2 $64

* Coverage for a pour coat of 1mm - 1.5mm thick

Pour on GLOSS Kit includes:

  • 1 Lt  POG resin and hardener
  • 250ml measuring cups
  • Latex gloves
  • Tongue depressers
  • User guide and Tips



Ideas for use:

  • Great for bringing out the best in Burls
  • Decouage
  • Folk Art
  • Magazine  and Newspaper Clippings
  • Ceramic Statues
  • General coatings
  • Table and Bar top


POUR On GLOSS is a two component plastic resin which can be poured over a level surface and then sets to a hard, strong, non-brittle, glossy coating. POUR On GLOSS can also be applied to uneven surfaces & statues by pouring & brushing.
It can be Post Cured to with stand surface temperatures of 80-85oC & therefore prevent marks from hot coffee cups, etc. POUR On GLOSS (POG) is not recommended for outdoor use unless it is sealed with AQUACOTE Polyurethane Clear finish which has excellent UV qualities and is extremely tough.

 POUR On GLOSS is resistant to most household liquids and chemicals including Red Wine.

 POUR on GLOSS will provide a remarkable finish equal to 50 coats of traditional varnish in a single application.

 POUR on GLOSS is simple and safe if used in accordance with the instructions



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