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We supply boatbuilders - both professional and Amateur.We have also helped many others out where they need quality products for special applications. Aircraft builders, airlines, transport companies, garage door manufacturers, furniture manufacturers,Architects and builders, the list goes on.

We have supplied materials for use in Antartica, and on the North-west Shelf. Our products have been exported to boatbuilders working in countries in Asia and the Pacific. Maybe we can help you.




  • Sapelli Marine New in Stock !!! Sapelli Marine plywood. BS1088...
    Created On:18-02-2014
  • NEW - Half sheets New !!! Gaboon Marine Ply BS1088 18mm 1/2 sheets...
    Created On:18-02-2014
  • Gaboon 1.5mm Aircraft Gaboon 1.5mm Aircraft grade plywood...
    Created On:18-02-2014

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